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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Weekend part 1

So. I'm back. I don't always recap my whole weekend (partly because they usually aren't that interesting...), but I guess I'm just in a writing you get the whole deal. =)

Friday night, I went to the reception for Dr. Doland at Biola. It's been a while since I was on campus, and it was cool, but a little weird to see some of the changes up close: the new library, the new dorm on lower campus, and the transformed little corner of the upper SUB where the reception was being held. Anyway. When I talked with Dr. Doland, her first words to me were, "You look familiar, but I don't remember your name." Heehee. Figures. She had a big impact on my education, she pushed me to think more deeply about literature, and when I approach her to tell her these things, she says, "I don't remember your name." I understand that goes with the territory of being a teacher--there's one professor and so very many students who pass through your classes. But it just made me laugh.

After chatting with Dr. Doland, I talked with Paul and Todd, two of my favorite profs in the English dept. And they did remember me. =) It was so very good to talk with both of them, to know I was remembered, and that they were interested in what I'm up to. I talked with Paul quite a bit about publishing. He asked me the question I've often been asked since I moved up here: "Is this where you think you'll stay?" This is a question I really don't have an answer for.

I've been thinking a lot lately about children's publishing and the desire I've had to get into that area of the industry. I mentioned this to Paul, and he immediately asked, "What about Chronicle?" Funny, there's been a position open there, in their children's division. I am, however, very much NOT qualified for this position--they're looking for 5 years of experience specifically in children's publishing. But Paul encouraged me to apply anyway.

I'm such a defeatist. I see no point in pursuing something that has little likelihood of success. But Paul made a good point--what do I have to lose? So that's something I'm thinking through this week, as I continue to evaluate where I am and where I'd like to be.

On Saturday, I headed down to San Diego with my parents. We visited my uncle and aunt, who I haven't seen in several years. We went to lunch, and my aunt asked all about my job, my church, and where I'm living now. I've never been very close to my aunts and uncles, so it was really cool to get to share with them over lunch.

Then it was off to CHC to see my brother in their production of Beauty and the Beast. My brother did a great job. Crazy old Maurice! It was great to hang out with him & Dianna after the show, although it was rather hilarious standing around talking to David when he was in full costume and stage makeup, complete with grey hair and beard. We ran into Duane Gish at intermission--my family first got to know the Gishes on a trip to Israel when I was about 5. Dr. Gish and his wife would fight over who got to hug me, and he would always give me quarters and say, "See what the nice man gave you?" in order to one-up his wife. These are the profound things a 5-year-old remembers about traveling in Israel. Oh, and the Pac-Man machines in the lobby of our Jerusalem hotel.

Ok, to be continued...
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