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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I first heard this term from Julie C.--another version of what I've usually heard called the "TMI": too much information. Well, I've found another application for the term. During the retreat this past weekend, Kerry mentioned how Christian circles over-use the word "sharing." Indeed. It kind of became a running joke for the weekend. And then, last night...well, I think I reached my "sharing" saturation point.

See, last Sunday we had a ministry team meeting. These usually include a time of talking about what's going on in each of our lives, sharing prayer requests, etc. Monday night, we had a small group dinner to meet with a new member of our group, get to know each other, and share a little about our walk with God thus far. Wednesday night we had a community sharing time in YAF, and Scott called on me to share. At the retreat this weekend, Scott asked each of us to take 5-10 minutes to share something about our lives and spiritual experience.

Then last night I went to small group, where we did our prayer request/sharing time at the beginning so I could skip out early for worship rehearsal. I shared with my small group that I thought I was out of sharing material. I have nothing else to share!! Ok, so that's not totally the case, but I really was a bit shared-out. Then I got to worship rehearsal just in time for everyone to share prayer requests. Heh. I appreciate people sharing their lives together and building community and all, but...yeah. Over-share.

I just thought I'd share that with you all.

(Total number of times I used variations of the word "share" in this post: 17)
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