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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Reasons not to buy books for Barbara

I received three books from my parents this Christmas. They actually chose well. (This was not a repeat of the Christian dating book birthday gift.) The problem was, well...

The first book gift I opened was a copy of "101 Best-Loved Poems." Cool. I flipped it open and realized it was a newer edition of a book my mom has, called "101 Famous Poems." I loved this book and used to borrow it from my mom all the time. So she gave me a copy of my own. Problem is, she gave me a copy of my own about six years ago. So, now I have two. We laughed about this, and I moved on to other present-opening.

Then came book gift #2. My mom started cracking up when I pulled the two books out of the package. This summer, she came across a copy of Roald Dahl's "Going Solo" in a charity shop in England. Knowing that I love Roald Dahl's books, she got it for me. However, she did this twice. She didn't realize that she'd bought two copies of the SAME book until she started wrapping Christmas presents. So she wrapped up the two books together, thinking we'd have a good laugh over it. We did. Especially when I told her that I already owned a copy of "Going Solo."

(I really shouldn't mock, as I'm the person who bought "Cry, the Beloved Country" for Kristy...twice.)

So, I now own two copies of "101 Best-Loved Poems" and THREE copies of Roald Dahl's "Going Solo." Any Roald Dahl fans out there? I'll share. (My sister has dibs on the poetry.)


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