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Monday, October 30, 2006

Posting from the Park

I saw my parents off early this afternoon, after packing their car full of books and a bookshelf and a few random boxes from my closet. My dad pulled out of my driveway and as the car scraped against the curb,* I wondered if maybe I'd put TOO many books in their car. Too late. What's sad is the lack of a dent this seems to have made in my shelves.

After the parents left, I got myself to the park for a little email catch-up time. I must apologize to Kristy since I told her in an email that I had to stop writing because I was too cold and was going home. But then I remembered that there were a couple of albums I wanted to get off iTunes...and then I thought, "Hey, what about that podcast I was going to check out..." and here I still am, downloading away.

My fingers have warmed up a bit, and I'm enjoying the sight of the afternoon sun on the gingko trees. I'm even enjoying the crisp fall breeze. I'll head home soon and sit inside the (slightly warmer) house, with a book and some tea. Have I mentioned that I really love the fall?

I realized today that I haven't yet posted about the return to Florence. I need to at least post some pictures. I'll get right on that. Just not today.

*I never know how to spell this word. I had to delete and's "kerb" in England and that's my first compulsion when I need to use the word. Just thought you might like to know. It's kind of like behind-the-scenes blogging. (You're welcome.)
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