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Friday, December 08, 2006


I started this post and never finished it. Recap of Thanksgiving weekend.

-Wednesday: After a half day at work, I loaded up my car with a bunch of stuff to store at my parents'. Man, I have a lot of books.
Wednesday night: Played speed Scrabble with the parents and David & Dianna, until midnight. I coined a new word: "foet." You know, an enemy who recites verse. Sadly, it was not deemed acceptable.

-Thursday: Lots of food, lots of kids. I told Nancy it seemed like she had more children than last year, even though there are still four. Johnny seems like more kids now that he's 2 1/2.

-Friday: Breakfast reunion with the AH's. It was SO GOOD to see them. Melinda's the only one I've seen since last August, though I've been in touch with Hannah a good bit via email. We're all in such different places, but the friendships remain. We spent hours catching up, looking at pictures, reminiscing, laughing, and laughing some more. (Sarah: "My cheeks always hurt for days after I get together with you all!") We talked about choir tours, old crushes, and who will be the next to get married. Our predictions have been correct thus far: Sarah, then Corina. (Corina: "And it was so.") We're assuming things now that Hannah's dating someone, so it's down to me and Melinda. I nominated her.

-Saturday: Breakfast with ex-roommate Yoori, then off to the Harneds' to meet Baby Dell (and hang out with Heather).
Saturday evening: Library party with the kids, followed by a short trip to what they call the "Spinny Park"--a playground full of play equipment which involves spinning small children around until they cannot walk straight. Great fun was had by all.
Saturday night: late dinner with Kristy. She tried to get Judah to say "Barbara" and when that didn't work, tried "Babs." This resulted in Judah saying "Bats." I should have responded by making my celebrated bat sound effect. Oh well.

-Sunday: Too-short conversations with dear friends at GHBC, then a brief birthday celebration for Emily before I got on the all-too-long road home.

Appendix: Weekend Listening
Literarily: Jane Eyre.

Sandra McCracken, Gravity | Love
Over the Rhine, Drunkard's Prayer
Over the Rhine, Snow Angels (or rather, the acoustic sketches I got to download when I ordered the full album)
Sufjan Stevens, Illinois
Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas
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