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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am thankful

That the needle-poking is over (and I don't have TB! Woo!)
That we have a half-day today
That I am going to South Africa next year
For fundraising support from unexpected places
For the amazing friends I've made in the Bay area over the past three years
For all my amazing friends everywhere
That I get to see the AH's this weekend
That I get to meet Heather's baby this weekend
For my family
That I get to celebrate my niece Emily's 11th birthday on Sunday
For my book club
For my drive to work through the hills
For a job I've really enjoyed over the past 3 years
For awesome co-workers, present and past
For annual trips to Barbara's Fishtrap for dangerous crab
For a holiday pie
"For all You've done and yet to do..."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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