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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Going away

I started writing this the weekend before I left CA. I meant to post it, then I changed my mind and started editing it (I know, Elise--I'm sorry, it's just what I do!). And then I decided I should just post a bit of it anyway. And when I had that ready, Pangani's wireless crapped out on me and I got annoyed and went to bed. And now it's a week later. you go anyway.

It has become apparent that it's going to be difficult for me to keep up with this blog as well as my other new blogging (and real-life!) ventures this year. I've been thinking seriously about closing the curtain on this blog. Now would be a good time to close shop--it was January 2004 when I started it, I could call it a good three years and leave off. But I don't know yet.

Regardless, I'm not going away completely. (Except for that whole physical going-away thing.) I've mentioned this before, but the new blog is here for weekly missions updates, and daily photos are here. And as for the personal ramblings, sarcasm, and mockery, perhaps you'll just have to come to me in person for that.

I've had several conversations with friends lately about leaving, moving on, and the friends you keep and the friends you don't. As I've been down in SoCal for the last three weeks, this is something that's been on my mind a lot. I said to Heather that it feels like when you move away from a place, you find out who really wants to be your friend by who takes the time and effort to stay in touch. That may be a bit harsh--I know that some people just have a hard time with keeping in touch and that doesn't mean I'm unimportant to them. But it does mean that those friendships change and sort of diminish, really. Without personal contact, how can a friendship continue? Maybe it's more accurate to say it's in leaving that you discover how people will now fit into your life in its new context.

There's a quote that's been up on my new blog:

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."
--Robert Southey

That's kind of where I'm coming from. I feel like if someone really values my friendship, they'll keep in touch. I know that friendships will change when paths diverge, when miles and miles separate me from people I care about. But when I am convinced of the value of a friendship, I want to hang on to it regardless of distance.

Blogging here has brought me closer to people who were once just acquaintances, and has offered the opportunity for closer friendships with people who were already my friends, but in some ways I feel like it's time to move on. And if you've been using this blog, or will be using my new blog as a way to keep up with me and what I’m up to, that’s great. But without the personal context, I don’t get to keep up with you. So although this blog is going to change (I know I won’t have time for as in-depth or frequent posts as before), I hope you’ll keep up with me in person--whether that’s through the new blog and comments there, or through (gasp!) personal email. Friendship goes both ways. It can’t just be me typing away on one side of the computer screen. I want to hear from you, too.

I'm gonna miss this blog in its current (or perhaps its pre-2007) incarnation. But, to steal a quote, change is in the air. I hope you'll continue the journey with me.
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