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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas thoughts...

I'm just a posting maniac right now, can you tell? I have in mind this whole post on Christmas carols and lyrics and deep meanings that I've overlooked for years because of over-familiarity with said lyrics. But somehow blogging on a timetable is stifling any introspection and meaning-ful-ness that was brewing in my head. (And should get home in another 45 minutes or so, because I said I'd have tea with my parents. They'll be waiting for me. So here are some scattered thoughts, and I'll attempt something more meaningful next week, post-Christmas.

1. I haven't done Christmas cards this year. That's weird for me; I ALWAYS send Christmas cards. Maybe in the New Year. I need to, if only to say: "Hey, I'm going to South Africa; here's my new address; send me mail!"

2. I usually display received Christmas cards on a bookshelf in my room during December. I don't have anywhere to do that this year, and the cards I've received so far are in a box somewhere. Except the ones I've gotten at my parents' address, which a backpack somewhere. I think. But...I love that I've received two Christmas cards with penguins on the front; as I have a standing joke with a couple friends about there being penguins in South Africa. Yay, penguins.

3. I've started a new blog. I'm not linking between the two, as that one will be up for quite public consumption by almost everyone I know. This one's more personal and I'd like to keep it that way. Where else can I let out my sarcasm and mockery? ;-) The new one will be primarily missions-focused. I may continue updating this one after I leave the country, but I'm not sure...that'll depend on time constraints. Stay tuned on that.

4. David, I will get to your tag soon. Justin, you have been re-linked.

5. Here's some non-thoughtful Christmas entertainment for you video game fans.

6. On a personal note: leaving is starting to sink in, and it's weird. The past week has been a whirlwind of saying goodbyes and packing up my life in the Bay area. I miss it already. For someone as fiercely independent as I am (one of my first sentences was "I can do it myself"), it's a little difficult to be living in my parents' house again. A little adjusting is required of me, and I need grace there. I'm looking forward to spending some time with friends down here before I leave. I'm looking forward to Christmas with family. I'm looking forward to taking the nieces/nephew to the spinny park. ;-) But I'm also looking forward to heading out, starting a new adventure, and seeing where God takes me this next year. There is much in store. Stay in touch, all of you. You, my friends, are dear to me.

7. Merry Christmas.
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