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Sunday, January 09, 2005

IKEA: Swedish for "temporary furniture."

I love following random links around the internet. (aka, wasting time...) I'm not even quite sure how I got here, but it led me here, where I was enlightened by these comments:

"Jerker and Jerk (sic!) has their roots as nicknames for Erik and began to be used as Christian names in mid 17th century."

"Thanks, Jerker. I now know what to call my friend Eric."


The IKEA product referenced above reminded me of a kinda offensive but hilarious post at tequila mockingbird: ikea for the workplace.

And, while I'm throwing out links, go play the IKEA game.

On which, by the way, I scored 6 out of 10. Yoori had a KLUNSA, and I was with Heather when she bought the KELIG. And ya gotta love the NALLE. Oh, I know my IKEA.
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