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Monday, December 05, 2005

This is not the music post I was going to post

On Thursday as I was writing down some music thoughts, I checked out some links to a couple of musicians I wanted to reference. In doing so, I discovered that Rosie Thomas was playing last night in SF. At first I was bummed, as I was in LA over the weekend instead of up here. But then I thought to myself, "I can get back here on Sunday in time for a 9pm show..."

And so last night found me driving up to SF with Matt and Ian to hear Christian Kiefer, Rosie Thomas, and David Bazan at this little venue near Potrero Hill. It was an awesome way to round out a very busy weekend packed full of so, so much good stuff. (Perhaps more on that other good stuff later.)

Christian Kiefer opened up the show with just a few songs, switching back and forth between guitar and banjo. Lots of fun: when he came down off the stage to play his last song from the middle of the crowd. He ended up standing right in front of me and Matt and introduced himself, saying the song was for us (Ian had wandered off and missed it!). I do think Matt was a little too excited about the princess song being for him.

Rosie herself was the highlight of the whole evening for me. I love her music and was so excited to see her play live. I couldn't get over how she's got such a tiny childlike voice when she talks! It was so cool to see her personality come out as she chatted with the audience between songs. She was thoroughly endearing--sweet, joyful, and hilarious. She seemed like someone who would be really fun to just hang out and laugh with. Her quiet songs of love and loss were punctuated by some hilarious interjections about cough medicine, her swollen middle finger, and a story of how her brother once farted on her hamburger when they were little. She also had a cold and kept apologizing for being totally doped up on cold medicine! She played a lot of stuff that was new to me, but also a couple songs from When We Were Small--including one of my favorites, Wedding Day. I picked up a copy of her newest CD, which I am currently absorbing.

David Bazan finished out the night, and it was interesting to hear him. I didn't connect with his stuff as much musically, but his lyrics were awesome. On the way home, Matt talked a little more about the context for some of the songs we heard, which was cool. I'm interested to check his music out a bit more and see if he grows on me.

And to round out this post, here's what I was listening to on my long drives this weekend:
Enter the Worship Circle (Waterdeep/100 Portraits)
Drunkard's Prayer (Over the Rhine)
In the Clear (Ivy)
Dulcinea (Toad the Wet Sprocket)
Recovering the Satellites (Counting Crows)
Everyone's Beautiful (Waterdeep)
A Boot and a Shoe (Sam Phillips)

Plus, I listened to Jacob Have I Loved, one of my favorite childhood books. (Had to get in something about books, now didn't I?)
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