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Monday, June 12, 2006

I should post.

Some random quotes from the trip. You may find these funny, or they may be more in the vein of "you had to be there." I have a couple more reflective posts in the works, I promise. I've just been inside my head a lot lately and not venturing out onto the blog much.

On the difficulty of spotting animals at game parks:
"Elephant? Or Elephant Bush?"
(In addition to the Elephant Bush, we also saw many Rock Rhinos, Stick Kudus, Tree Giraffes, and Bush Lions.)

Other game park humor:

"People get friendly at game parks."

"Kudus to Doug!"
(I suppose this isn't funny if you don't know what a kudu is. I promise, it's much funnier if you've spent the day spotting kudus.)

Further random quotes:
"My brother always says 'Africa's not for sissies.' But then he emigrated to America, so I'm not sure what that says..."

"Brittney, you need to pull your pants down."
--Luc, after Brittney mooned us by merely sticking her khaki-clad butt out the window.

"Hey, don't talk like that to my sister!"
--Jon, to Luc after the above comment

And the quote Brittney wouldn't let me forget:
Brittney: "I don't want to sit next to Barbara."
Barbara: "That's not what you said last night."
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