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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today's been a little crazy, but I have a free moment while I'm waiting for someone else to get back to me on this proposal that needs to be looked over by our editor in chief before the day's, you know, in the next 30 minutes. PLENTY of time. (This has been my day today. Quote of the day: "Barbara, you've had that worried expression all morning...")

But anyway, as I impatiently await a phone call, I thought I'd post some rather hilarious pictures I came across over the weekend and just HAD to scan. These are of Kristy and me at the Hollywood Bowl some summers ago. I think we were headed for a 4th of July concert, but I'm not sure. We were picnicking beforehand and these photos illustrate certain items that are still present in our HB picnics today.

Me, with the requisite olives. I fixed the red-eye and now my eyes look like great pools of blackness...maybe I should have left it alone. (You know, the pimentos do look like little red-eye-plagued eyeballs.)

I LOVE the facial expression here. Up to something, Kristy? What are you doing with that HUUUUUGE SPOOON?
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