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Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm listening to Lori Chaffer's 1Beginning today. This is usually a sign that I'm feeling a little down. I do love this album, but it's not exactly a happy one.

first there was the dawn
and I couldn't sing a song to you
then there came the rain
but I couldn't seem to blame you

sometimes it rains
sometimes it snows on you
sometimes it sleets
sometimes it defeats you

Kristy asked me a while back what is it that affects what I choose to listen to. I told her it's more based on my mood, but I've been wondering lately if the weather has more to do with both my music listening and my moods than I thought. When the weather decided to go all sunny and spring-like last week, I started craving Ivy. Today it's cloudy, and I've chosen the Cowboy Junkies and Lori Chaffer to keep me company as I work.

Maybe there are other things going on with me--a certain restlessness and mild discontent--which are contributing to my mood. But can I blame those things on the clouds, too?
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